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About Us

      Expert Witness Websites is dedicated to connecting attorneys and other legal professionals with contact and profile information for qualified expert witnesses or expert witness organizations. This service is provided free of charge and allows attorneys and legal professionals to locate qualified expert witnesses without the unnecessary expense of a third party.

      Expert Witness Websites provides a directory listing of expert witnesses organized by their area of expertise. Each listing provides detailed contact information with a link to their individual website or a profile page. Attorneys and legal professionals know - no two cases are alike. Therefore, it is imperative that the most uniquely qualified expert witness, determined by case specifics, is chosen for the job. That's why Expert Witness Websites is an invaluable service.

      Expert Witness Websites is one of the most extensive directories of expert witnesses online. The site is engineered to provide quick results when searching for an expert witness based on their unique qualifications and expertise. Visitors can search by area of specialty or by typing in a specific term. Expert Witness Websites can also be searched by an expert witness name.

      Expert Witness Website is a product of LAWCHEK(TM), which has been providing legal directory services since 1994. This site is a directory service and not a referral service

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